Living in Love Requires Intent

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Living in love requires Intent, enthusiasm, and thankfulness to give and share joy with adored others. From the cradle to the grave, human beings seek the holy grail of human experience; love. Love is the hoped for intoxicating euphoria to follow meeting the right person that makes us feel good at the thought of them, the sight of them, the fragrance of them, the sound of them, the taste of them and the touch of them.

My father walked tens of miles to court my mother in the early 1950′s. I once flew 7,000 miles one way from the Island of Crete to San Francisco to court a girl friend in the early 1970′s. I have driven countless hours to court others. For love or the hope of love, humans will go to extreme lengths to the giving of all we have to experience what many of us cannot literally define; love.

What is this condition? What is this power that attracts humans like moths to hot bright lights?

Whatever love is, it suggests a connectedness and withness that holds within its experience what the Holy Bible calls ‘joy unspeakable’.


Living in love requires empowering excitement for the ones in love and sharing love to confirm investment in love to each other for each other. The condition affirms a powerful ‘YES’ of presence and commitment to the path and experience mutually agreed upon to pursue. Lovers are excited to give to each other in ways that make each other’s souls glow with smiles like a new dawn’s sun rising. Life in this condition feels good like love is alive in a continual perfect moment.


Hannibal and Stephanie Myers, while living in Powell, Ohio in the 1990′s shared that they were committed to loving each other so much that they competed to see which could out love the other. They demonstrated consistently to each other with enthusiasm the affection they held for each other. Others privileged to observe the Myers often found them clothed in smiles to the point of giggles at what seemed to consistently going on between them. Couples in love who intentionally give each other enthusiastic and passion filled affection and personal attention do so for the sheer joy of creating joy and ecstasy in each other.

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