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Your Face Says No To Body Soaps!

March 9, 2016

Why Can’t I Use A Bar Soap?

While there are many benefits to cleansing twice a day, you can be causing more harm to your skin by using a bar soap or body soap. Soaps contain harsh surfactants that dissolve and break down the skin’s lipids and oils, leaving dead skin build up and dehydrated skin.

Although many soaps have been formulated to be gentler on the skin, by not using dyes or fragrances, the are still very alkaline. This can decrease the natural acidic Ph level of the skin, causing it to be vulnerable to irritants, infections, and acne. A bar of soap may be a convenience, try instead a Ph neutral Brazilian Salt Lake City cleanser that is formulated specifically to cleanse and care for you delicate facial skin. I recommend keeping a nice facial cleanser in the shower, to keep your morning routine running smoothly.

Skin is Skin Right, So What’s The Difference?

The skin on your face is some of the thinnest and easily damaged skin on your entire body. This means your facial skin can be more vulnerable to irritation, sensitivity, and allergic reactions. Body lotions are formulated to hydrate skin that is thicker, drier, and has a slower rate of exfoliation. Because these products often contain heavy emollients, fragrance, and preservatives, leading to clogged pores, acne, redness, and excess oil.


Its better to pick a facial moisturizer that is specifically designed to nourish and protect fragile facial skin. Having active ingredients target specific skin concerns and help heal and repair damage from acne, rosacea and the sun damage. If you have questions on what you should be using, schedule a free consultation with your esthetician. She will be able to help you find the ideal home care regime that would benefit your skin.

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