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This is my favorite time of year!

This is the best time of year, its a fact! There is a nice chill in the air, we get to pull out the sweaters and pretty leather jackets that have been sitting in the closet for like ever. ( I may have pulled out my leather jacket about a month ago, I am stubborn that way.) Did I mention that there is pumpkin spice flavored everything now, and Halloween is creeping around the corner. Yup this is my favorite time of year.
But with cooler weather and changing of the leaves, we are also turning on our heaters which means we are more at risk for dehydrated skin.
So here are a few tips to help you get through the winter.
1. Make sure your moisturizer is hydrating enough for your skin.
During the colder months we turning on the heat, and using hotter water in our showers to try and deal with the cold. Doing this also has an effect on our skin, the moisturizer that we Facial Salt Lake City have used all summer is no longer enough to hydrate our skin all day. So switching to a heavier moisturizer is one of the easiest steps to fight off skin dehydration. If you are having trouble finding out if your moisturizer is doing the trick, bring it in and I will take a look at it for you. If we need to make a change, I will guide you the right direction.
2. Cut back on the heavier exfoliant.
During the summer we exfoliate a bit more but now our skin is a bit more sensitized. So switching to a more gentler exfoliant is going to be a better option. I really like an enzyme powder for an exfoliator. Its super gentle and can most often be used with our current cleanser. My current favorite is Skin Perfecting Exfoliating Powder.

3. Keep up on your facial treatments
Now many of us know that it is important to have regular visits with our friendly neighborhood esthetician, but in the winter it is even more important. (especially in Utah) we are constantly being bombarded with cold harsh dry air, and the disgusting smog that rolls around just in time for Thanksgiving. All the cold dry air is working to strip our skin of its natural lipid barrier. (Think winter Jacket for the skin) so our skin is now more than likely dehydrated, which means we are more sensitive and more susceptible to the the pollution in the air. All that pollution will sit in the pores causing that icky, grey, and dull, sluggish skin. It can also cause more congestion in the skin. So one congestion was to combat that, is to keep your monthly facial appointment. I can help you keep that skin looking healthy and glowing all season long! I am super excited to roll out my new pumpkin facial. It is absolutely perfect for helping to digest the dead skin cells, that have compacted on the surface layer of the skin. It also is chalk full of antioxidants that will help to fight off free radicals. So if you don’t already have a facial on the books, now is the time to get that started! Just click the link below.
One more thing to add to the list, well really this is a favor. Next time you are in, please bring your current skincare products that you are using on your skin. Let me take a look at them, and make sure you are all set for the summer, if I see something that needs to be changed, or added to your skincare regime, I will make some recommendations.
I can’t wait to see you!
After being in the spa and skincare business I have had some wonderful experiences and made many great friends. But you, my special clients, have allowed me to be able have such a wonderful career. For that I’m genuinely grateful.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loyalty, referrals, and memorable moments we’ve shared. in my world you really do come first!
With love, Charlotte

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